Minister's Monthly Letter

Dear Friends,

“Most people overestimate what they can achieve in a year and underestimate what they can achieve in five”.

I first heard that phrase when I was in my last year of training as minister. As the initial period of a ministers appointment was five years we were being encouraged to take a long(er) view of how we would share in the life of the churches to which we were sent.

Over the years I have heard variations of the length of the underestimated period but the principle of having a plan and putting a sequence in place remains.

A year into my time in Rustington I am, with those in the leadership of the church, seeking to discern what we should do in the coming years. There are possibilities in Worship, Community involvement, Pastoral care… in fact all aspects of our life. But what are the priorities?

In recent months we have held coffee sessions for new arrivals in the church sharing what we do and exploring how they might like to get involved. As a result of these sessions I am preparing material called “What is Methodism” which will be offered in four identical sessions in November. There is a full page spread about this elsewhere in the Link. I invite you to come along whether it be to refresh your memory about Methodism or to learn more about our story.

At the new arrival sessions several people expressed an interest in exploring the basics of the Christian faith and what it means to live as a believer in the twenty first century. I believe it would be helpful to have both those exploring the faith for a first time and others who were able to bring the experience of years of discipleship to such a group. Currently we think these sessions could be offered in the early part of 2015? Do please let me know if you might be interested in joining such a group.

You will perhaps have guessed that thinking about the “five years” ahead with regard to learning and growing is on the agenda!

What are the things that, individually or as a whole church, we would benefit from learning about? Social or political issues? Or perhaps ways of grasping the story that unfolds across the whole Bible?

There are many ways of learning – which would be most effective? Series of meetings? Small Groups? Reading a book as individuals with an opportunity to share ideas with a few people or via the internet?

When might we set time for this aside? A regular weekly or monthly meeting? A season such as Lent or Holy Week? During the summer?

What are your thoughts on a long term plan for our learning and growing?

With love


Rev Bob Sneddon



November 2014 Edition